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Have you ever tried to search for an embedded product using Google? Google places paid and most popular results first - and may downplay lesser-known, yet more relevant details. Have you ever tried to compare products from different vendors using Google? Unless Google is selling if for you, it's difficult to compare embedded technologies by architecture, configuration and price.

Well, this is what our parametric search does. We have over 5,000 unique products and their derivatives on our site to compare and contrast. This fast and effective way of finding the solution to specific embedded technology needs is unparalleled.

At any time during your search you can - pause to view:

  • Company information
  • Video content datasheets
  • Relevant articles
  • Application notes
  • Contact information
  • Availability

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❝Intelligent Systems Source is a new resource that gives you the power to compare, review and even purchase embedded computing products intelligently. To help you research SBCs, SOMs, COMs, Systems, or I/O boards, the Intelligent Systems Source website provides products articles, and whitepapers from industry leading manufacturers—and it's even connected to the leading distributors and an assortment of manufacturer representatives. Go to Intelligent Systems Source now so you can start to locate, compare, and purchase the correct product for your needs.❞
Jeff Child, Editor-in-chief, COTS Journal
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