Annual Obsolescence and Life-Cycle Management Services Directory

DMSMS Experts Help Navigate Consumer Electronics Dominance

Military system developers are forever racing to keep pace with the consumer-driven IC market. Thankfully a mix of distributors, engineering firms and government groups can help ease the pain.


Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) is a problem that the defense industry will likely never escape. That’s because the long development cycles in the defense world are way out of synch with the consumer semiconductor market. And with the volumes so much less in the military, the semiconductor vendors naturally orient everything they do toward big markets like smart phones, computers and a myriad other consumer electronic products.

Listed on the following three pages of COTS Journal’s 18th Annual Obsolescence Services Directory are a robust group of companies and organizations that are in the business of dealing with such problems. Among them aftermarket chip suppliers who stock inventories of devices that have gone obsolete. Some are large distributors who include aftermarket products in their portfolio, while others are small firms specializing in aftermarket business.

Also in the directory are packaging firms who do custom assembly of obsolete integrated circuits using existing wafer and die. And going a step further there are engineering labs with expertise in remaking the obsolete die and fabricating it on a more current process geometry. Meanwhile there are government groups like the Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) and the Government-Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) that provide comprehensive support beyond what business entities can provide.

The DMEA’s obsolescence management services involve continual active monitoring of a system’s parts to stay ahead of the obsolescence curve and to plan ahead for mitigation activities. These options range from component replacement to board or system upgrades with advanced technology. The latter options create opportunities for multi-symptom resolution and truly transformational alternatives. DMEA’s engineers are specialists, and our facilities are state of the art. They can produce, on demand, microelectronic parts for all weapons systems.

For its part, the DMEA has evolved over the years as the nature of DMSMS has changed. Originally a small unit in the Engineering Division of the Sacramento Air Logistics Center at McClellan Air Force Base near Silicon Valley, in the 1997 the group was given the name it has today—Defense Microelectronics Activity—and taken out of the administrative structure of the Air Force and put within the Office of the Secretary of Defense. The U.S. Secretary of Defense at the time Dr. William Perry—the father of the COTS movement—declared the specialized group of engineers and facilities to be a unique national resource. And the DMEA was made the U.S. government’s official authority on microelectronics obsolescence.

According the DMEA, Diminishing Manufacturing Sources (DMS) activities in electronics once meant supporting obsolete parts in mature systems, such as the B-52 that will be in service 94 years before being retired. Fast forward to today and the accelerating rate of change means that even the production model of the F-22 or F-35 couldn’t be delivered without solving DMS issues (Figure 1).

Figure 1. With today’s electronics changing so fast, even the production model of a modern fighter like F-35 couldn’t be delivered today without dealing with DMS issues.

18th Annual Obsolescence and Life-Cycle Management Services Directory

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Company/Organization ContactCategoryDescription
Arrow ElectronicsCentennial, CO.
(303) 600-1200. /en/arrow-services /end-of-life
O, SArrow has purchased hundreds of millions of dollars in obsolete finished goods and die. Customers with ongoing demand for parts after the component manufacturer has discontinued production can order pedigree, factory-direct parts directly from Arrow.
Artisan Technology GroupChampaign, IL.
(888) 887-6872.
B, L, OProvides solutions that allow customers the ability to maintain and extend the life of their critical industrial, commercial and military systems beyond obsolescence. Artisan's experienced engineers and tens of thousands of items ready to ship allow us to offer qualified products with superior service and support
AvnetPhoenix, AZ.(480) 643-2000.
DB, E, L, O, P, R, SAvnet’s supply chain experts can help customers assess supply chain health and manage future expansion. They can maximize your supply chain and keep products in the market longer with Avnet’s comprehensive supply chain portfolio and global scale.
Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE) College Park, MD.
(301) 405-5323.
B, DB, R, SThe Electronics Systems Cost Modeling Laboratory (ESCML) at the University of Maryland develops modeling methodologies and tools that address all aspects of the lifecycle cost of electronic systems from hardware fabrication and software development through sustainment and end of life.
DMEAMcClellan Park, CA.
(916) 231-1555.
B, E, F, G, PThe DMEA operates a sophisticated design, prototyping, and testing facility supported by a team of more than a hundred advanced technology specialists. DMEA operates under the authority of the Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology & Logistics in the Department of Defense.
DPA Components InternationalSimi Valley, CA.
(805) 581-9200.
D, P, SDPACI is DLAM qualified, DMEA Trusted Source to provide Turn-Key EEE Parts Solutions with QML Q (military) and V (space) level manufacturing in accordance with MIL-PRF-38535. The standard manufacturing product DPACI offer is listed in the QML Memory Products section of this web site. DPACI is also DLAM certified for Mil-Std-883 and Mil-Std-750 Test Lab Suitability and a DMEA Trusted Source.
e2v aerospace and defenseMilpitas, CA.
(408) 737-0992.
DB, D, E, F, Re2v’s Semiconductor Lifecycle Management (SLiM) proactive planning program offers long-term continuity of supply for critical semiconductor components through wafer banking and accredited final manufacture, backed by redesign and reengineering capabilities.
Electronic ExpeditersCamarillo, CA.
(805) 987-7171.
O Independent distributor of electronic components. Provides them with difficult-to-find or obsolete parts Method of processing, identifying, and warehousing surplus inventory is taken with extreme care for all components with many components remain untouched and sealed in their original factory packaging.
Falcon ElectronicsCommack, NY.
(800) 444-4744.
L, O, SAuthorized/Franchised Distributor to the avionics, military and space industry. Falcon’s line card showcases superior, high-reliability product lines from the industry’s top manufacturers, all with long-term Mil-Aero strategies, reducing the possibility of obsolescence.
GDCALivermore, CA.
(925) 456-9900.
B, R, E, OA specialist in COTS obsolescence management, GDCA is authorized by our OEM partners to continue to manufacture and repair the embedded legacy products critical to long-lasting applications. Using OEM-authorized IP and original specifications, GDCA provides repair, long-term customer support, manufacturing, and sustainment for over three thousand End-of-Life, COTS, and custom-embedded computer boards and systems.
GIDEPCorona, CA.
(951) 898-3207.
DB, G, RGIDEP (Government-Industry Data Exchange Program) is a cooperative activity between government and industry participants seeking to reduce or eliminate expenditures of resources by sharing technical information. Since GIDEP's inception, participants have reported over $2.1 billion in prevention of unplanned expenditures.
IEC/IECQSydney, Australia
RThe IECQ is a worldwide approval and certification system covering the supply of electronic components and associated materials and assemblies (including modules) and processes. It uses quality assessment specifications that are based on International Standards prepared by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).
IHSEnglewood, CO.
(303) 790-0600.
DB, LIHS Supply Management solutions can help reduce costs through more strategic and informed purchasing decisions. Offers objective, defensible analysis, in-depth industry and economic expertise, proven methodologies and vast proprietary databases—including 500,000+ historic prices and 4,000+ forecasts, costs, and wages.
InnovasicAlbuquerque, NM.
(505) 883-5263.
EProduces silicon and software solutions for customers with long product life-cycles. Supplies extended-life processors, peripherals, ASICs and mixed-signal devices for embedded communication and control. Solves obsolescence problems by developing pin-compatible integrated circuits that have been discontinued by the original manufacturer.
Inventory LocatorService (ILS)Memphis, TN.
(901) 794-5000.
DB, LInventory Locator Service enables subscribers in the aerospace, defense and marine industries to buy and sell parts, equipment and services. Over 85 million line items of available inventory, 75,000 customer accesses each day, and 23,000+ members.
LansdaleSemiconductorPhoenix, AZ
(602) 438-0123.
D, E, O,PLeading supplier of “semiconductor aftermarket” ICs. Extends product’s life cycle by manufacturing electronic components that the original manufacturers no longer produce. Licensed to manufacture and market thousands of ICs originally designed and previously produced by AMD, Fairchild, Freescale, Harris, Intel, National, Philips and Raytheon.
Micross ComponentsOrlando, FL.
(407) 298-7100.
B, DB, D, L, P, ROne-source, one-solution provider of bare die & wafers, advanced interconnect technology, custom packaging & assembly, component modification services, electrical & environmental testing and standard products to manufacturers and users of semiconductor devices.
NAPCO Hopkins, MN.
(952) 931-2400.
B, DB, D, O, P, SA material manager, procurement, distribution and light manufacturing supplier of military spare and repair parts for a wide range of military vehicles and electronic equipment to the U.S. Department of Defense, OEMs and over 20 countries around the world.
Now ElectronicsHuntington, NY.
(631) 351-8300.
L, O, PDistributor specializing in military and aerospace level components. An approved supplier to Lockheed-Martin, Northrop-Grumman, Raytheon, Boeing Sanmina-SCI Systems, the U.S. Defense Dept., NATO and many others.
Phoenix LogisticsTempe, AZ.
(602) 231-8616.
E, OProvider of engineering, manufacturing, information technology, and logistics & supply chain services to the defense, aerospace, and industrial markets. Serves the warehousing and logistics needs of government customers with strategically located facilities in Mesa, Arizona and Orlando, Florida.
Pikes Peak Test LabsColorado Springs, CO.
(719) 596-0802.
B, D, E, L, O, P, SLab experienced in SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) with Elemental Analysis (EDX) capabilities, electronic component upgrade screening to MIL-STD-883, Class B, lid torque, radiation hardness testing and evaluation. Offers in-house services to assist in determining whether your components are genuine or potentially counterfeit.
Rochester ElectronicsNewburyport, MA.
(978) 462-9332.
D, F, O, P, ROffers comprehensive solutions for mature and end-of-life semiconductors. Rochester works with customers to help turn End-of-Life problems into Extension-of-Life solutions to provide the semiconductor industry with an authorized, guaranteed source of supply for long-lifecycle applications. Manufacturer dedicated to ongoing support of critically needed semiconductors for the entire lifecycle.
SRI International Princeton, NJ.
B, E, F, R, PThe Generalized Emulation of Microcircuits (GEM) technology uses a set of gate arrays and single line processing technology. Advanced Microcircuit Emulation (AME) Enrichment may be used to provide Form, Fit, and Function (FFF) solutions at the digital component level for logic devices, ASICs, FPGAs, static memory devices, hybrids, microprocessors, and microcontrollers.
NSWC Corona DivisionCorona, CA.
(951) 273-4209.
B, GThe Acquisition and Readiness Assessment (AR) Department serves as the Navy’s Independent Assessment agent to assure disciplined application of systems engineering, risk management, quality, and management principles for development, production, and sustainment of defense systems.
Total Parts PlusFort Walton Beach, FL.
(877) 912-7278.
DBProvider of parts data content for product environmental compliance and lifecycle management. TPP’s data collection and validation services along with suite of software tools and applications provide a comprehensive solution for data analysis and compliance reporting.

Abbreviations / Glossary

Abbreviation CategoriesExplanation
B Board levelSolves board-level DMS problems (as opposed to component-level problems).
DBDatabaseProvides a database covering topics such as alternate sources, devices that are obsolete, cross-references or uprating results.
D Die processorRefers to processing OEM die, not an emulated solution.
E Emulation/reverse engineeringVendor may emulate a DMS device in a gate array or full-custom device, or provide a pseudo-form, fit and functional equivalent.
F FoundryHas foundry capability to fabricate wafers.
GGovernment agency-—
LLocator The vendor provides a service to locate DMS components and boards/systems.
OObsolete inventoryMaintains OEM inventory in die or packaged form.
P Specialty packaging Packages components as monolithic or multi-chip modules.
R Industry referenceDenotes an organization or company with widely recognized knowledge or information concerning the DMS industry.
S Uprating/upscreeningPerforms uprating or upscreening.