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Era of Pervasive/Ubiquitous Computing

The pervasive computing revolution will definitely occur. We envision a future in which computation becomes part of the environment, that is, computation and information will be available everywhere, anytime.

Smart Devices That Think and Interconnected

Not only in computers, computation will be embodied in devices. Pervasive computing devices are smart devices, either mobile or embedded in almost any type of object imaginable, including cars, tools, appliances, clothing and various consumer goods – all communicating through increasingly interconnected networks.


Artila’s mission is to empower device manufactures and system integrators to realize pervasive computing by providing quality products and OEM/ODM service to help our customers to incorporate Ethernet connectivity, Web service and embedded computing into their products and solutions.
 as part of NSA’s Technology Transfer Program. With the release of WILDFIRETM, our Xilinx 4000 Series based VME product, which had 17 Processing Elements, we became leaders in the field of Adaptive Computing.

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