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Systems that Match Performance to Your Program’s Packaging Requirements 
As military systems become more sophisticated, it is critical to have the ability to select from different packaging options in order to achieve the optimal result. GMS, which continues to define the industry’s direction in design and manufacture of board and system-level products, has taken the lead on this concept with a series of three system offerings that comprise the very latest in embedded computing technology.

GMS systems are targeted for applications where traditional VME/cPCI ATR packaging (card cage, power supply, fan trays, etc.) may not be considered due to size, weight, cost or other limiting factors. GMS systems pack the most performance for the lowest power consumption in the smallest package possible. All of our systems use only embedded devices for long life cycles and to withstand harsh environmental conditions — for Mil/Aero applications meeting Mil-STD 810-F, 1275 and DO-160, to name a few.

GMS has divided its systems into three series for easy identification: GREEN, BLUE and ORANGE. Each series is targeted for a specific power and performance envelope, thus offering OEM system engineers a wide range of performance, heat, price and ability to upgrade.

GREEN SERIES SYSTEMS are designed with ultra-low-power-consuming CPUs and supporting devices to meet total system power usage of 10 watts or less, and are placed in extremely lightweight packaging to keep system weight as low as 1 lb. or less. GREEN systems support the Intel® Atom™ processor for the best performance to power ratio of any other CPU, up to 2 Gbytes of RAM, and basic system I/O and limited expansion for custom I/O functions. These systems support a single video monitor with optional LVDS/ touch screen or can be headless for embedded applications. They are ideal for UAV and hand-held applications, where weight and heat are the primary considerations.

BLUE SERIES SYSTEMS are designed to meet more demanding applications where multi-core Core 2 Duo™ processors with up to 8 Gbytes of RAM and vast standard and custom I/O are required. BLUE systems are designed for maximum power dissipation of 50 watts or less and weigh up to 5 lbs. maximum. These systems support multi-head video monitors with LVDS/ touch screen or they can be headless. They offer standard I/O interfaces such as PMC/XMC, MiniPCI and ExpressMini, as well as custom I/O via Special Application Modules (SAM™) for highest efficiency I/O. BLUE systems are ideal for long-term defense programs requiring long roadmaps for technology upgrades, with limited, cooling and moderate-to-high CPU needs and limited 2D/3D video acceleration needs. These systems represent 12 years of background foundation in the industry and roadmaps to 2018.

ORANGE SERIES SYSTEMS represent a brand new concept in system engineering, which GMS is pioneering. These systems are designed with Server Class chipsets for up to 64 Gbytes of ultra high performance memory, as well as Quad/Dual Core Xeon® processors. ORANGE systems provide the maximum thermal envelope of 100 watts with I/O interfaces such as PMC/XMC, MiniPCI and ExpressMini, as well as custom I/O via SAM™, and SamVideo™ for ultra-high-performance graphics. ORANGE systems are ideal for Headless Network servers or Virtual Machine systems hosting six to eight independent images of different operating systems, each with a specific mission. Each “Image” may have its own Bootable Drive or share one Drive Array, RAID or NAS. This new Virtual Machine Server concept, for which the ORANGE series is targeted, can save a significant amount of power/heat, weight, complexity and cost in installation, daily operation and in technology upgrades, without changing the software image!

System Support
GMS utilizes a wide range of system support products just to ensure system interoperability and low power/size restrictions. These I/O subsystems, such as 1553, ARINC, CANBus VME or cPCI air/conduction-cooled systems, are fully integrated at GMS and supported by us. With 30+ years of industry experience, GMS has the internal and external resources to develop any system based on GMS core Computing Engines.

Custom Solutions
At GMS we truly believe that each OEM customer’s needs are unique and in order to provide the best technical and economical solution, a degree of customization is required. Unlike other suppliers that discourage customizations, GMS welcomes opportunities to modify the standard product to meet the customer’s EXACT requirements, while lowering the price, increasing the reliability and lowering the power consumption on every project.

Traditional Products
GMS has been in the business since the beginning of the industry and has long been an innovator of SBCs for VMEbus, CompactPCI bus, CPU carriers and conduction-cooled products. A solid background of knowledge makes it possible for GMS to engineer the most reliable computer boards, and gives us the ability to meet the highly sophisticated needs of the industry as it changes.  


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