View All MAXexpansion Hosted Products™ is dedicated to the promotion of Thunderbolt and PCIe™ expansion by offering unique expansion products used in audio/video, film editing, post-production, publishing, and other commercial applications. Select expansion products from multiple manufacturers are also featured on the site.

Online Store

The store provides a unique opportunity for commercial users to select a specific preconfigured product that meets their needs, like a FlashCUBE with 960GB fast data storage for laptops. Additionally, the more sophisticated hardware user can select a component, like the CUBE2 4-slot enclosure and add one GTX680 GPU and two 960GB Flash cards.™ will install the boards in the product and test and ship the fully configured product to you.

Customization™ offers a wide variety of customization including, but not limited to;

Quieter or higher volume fans
Various wattage power supplies
A variety of slots and slot counts
Paint and silkscreen options
Various size disk drives
Customer-provided add-in cards

For example, a 1U disk array can be configured with a variety of disk drives or an expansion enclosure with quieter or higher volume fans or different power supplies.™ will configure the product to your requests, test it, and ship it quickly for your convenience.


Unlike many online stores,™ provides an extensive support component that provides immediate phone and email contact for technical support concerns. You can also speak to a knowledgeable sales engineer for configuration or compatibility questions. All products are warranted to their manufacturers’ warranties. View quick start guides and product manuals for quick information on products. Our discussion forum allows for users to interact with other customers and engineers and gain insight on products or problems occurring. It is our desire to provide “hassle-free” support and purchasing to all users.™…. always simple, reliable, and cost-effective!

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