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Contech Instrumentation was founded in 1993 by Sam Simione to represent leading manufacturers of High-Tech Test & Measurement and Embedded Systems companies to serve the High-Technology industries in the Metro-New York and New Jersey territory. Contech still represents its founding Principlas to this day.

In 1995 Contech absorbed the operations of RTI, a well-known and accomplished Representative firm that had been in existence for over 15 years. By 1996 Contech had grown to become one of the leading Test & Measurement Representatives in its territory.

In January 2000, Contech reached another milestone and extended operations in to the Greater Philadelphia Area. Contech had been requested by several of its Principals to provide the same level of sales services in this new territory.

In response to our Principals requests, Contech extended coverage to the Upstate New York Region in 2012 to bring expert and professional services to our
Principals and customers.

Contech’s strengths are its sales personnel, all of which are degreed engineers with considerable experience in the marketing and sales of High-Tech products and systems.

Product Lines
Contech aims to keep its product lines synergistic and complementary. Contech’s focus is in the following product groups:

  • RF/Microwave/Optical
    General Purpose Test & Data Acquisition
    Power Products
    Embedded Systems
    Technical Services

The major markets for Contech’s product lines are:

  • Aerospace & Defense Contractors
    Security Systems Mfr.’s & Integrators
    Electronic Equipment Mfr.’s
    Communication Systems Mfr.’s
    System Integrators & OEM’s
    Transportation & Power Utilities
    Semiconductor & Component Mfr.’s
    IT, Telecom, Cable TV, Data Centers
    RF Module & Subsystem Mfr.’s
    Bio-Medical Instrumentation
    Calibration & Test Laboratories
    Military & Municipal Govt.
    RF & uWave Component Manufacturer’s
    Sonar, Software Radio
    Wireless Service Providers

Power Supply Manufacturers
Contech focuses on these markets and establishes sales plans with our principals to target companies in these markets or other niche markets with the intention of growing sales and establishing a customer base.

Marketing Approach & Sales Strategies
Contech establishes a business plan and sales target in conjunction with the marketing and sales management of our principals. This target is based on the sales potential for the product within the customer base, the existing business level and planned growth of the product line from the joint marketing and sales plan formed with our principals.

Contech markets its products to large and small customers in all identified market segments. Customers are qualified based on market potential, applications, and available budgets. Contech focuses on establishing and growing base business as well as long term large project business.

Contech maintains Insightly as our small business CRM. Insightly is closely integrated with Google’s Gmail and Evernote providing a cloud based platform for customer contact, Notes, scheduling, opportunity
management and reporting. We use
Constant Contact
for Email Marketing. Contech shares this information with our Principals for marketing purposes.

Each Contech salesperson maintains a notebook PC, for product demonstrations and presentations as well as contact management. We encourage our Principals to develop demonstration, presentation, configuration & pricing software as sales tools. Our sales engineers promote demonstrations and customer presentations as a vehicle to prove the equipment’s suitability for the customer’s application. Demonstrations of this type are very well received by our customers and have proven to be a valuable sales tool.

Sales Meetings are held regularly. Principals are welcome to participate to provide technical product training as well as planning sales strategies to promote the Principal’s products.

Contech maintains an informative website, to promote our products and support our customers’ needs. Links are provided to all our Principals for product information and customer service. Our site is registered with many search engines and also provides a source of customer leads.

For further information please contact:
Sam Simione
General Manager





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